Parc Cybi, Holyhead
Where is it?

Parc Cybi covers about 40 hectares of land on the southern edge of Holyhead.

It is on Holy Island, a small island just off the west coast of Anglesey, which is a much larger island off the coast of North Wales.

The landscape is low-lying with boggy hollows and rocky ridges, but Holy Island is dominated by Holyhead Mountain to the north-west of Holyhead. Holyhead Mountain is 220m high and can be clearly seen from most parts of Parc Cybi.

The name 'Parc Cybi' refers to Saint Cybi, who founded a monastic community in an old Roman fort on what is now the site of Holyhead parish church. The Welsh name for Holyhead is Caer Gybi (Cybi's fort) and Holy Island is so called because of this holy community; the Welsh name is Ynys Gybi.