Parc Cybi, Holyhead
What is Post-ex?

When an excavation has finished the project is only half completed; a lasting record must be left of any excavation.

An excavation on this scale produces huge quantities of plans, photographs, notes, finds and samples that all need to be processed, analysed, understood and included in a report that describes what was found.

The first stage is to understand what you have and this is known as the 'assessment of potential' phase. In 2010 Gwynedd Archaeological Trust undertook assessment of potential for analysis on the results from Parc Cybi. Finds and samples were sent to specialists so that they could assess their importance and recommend further work. Descriptions of each part of the site were written and outline plans created from the site drawings. The result of this work was an assessment of potential report. Download the assessment of potential report here.

Accelerator mass spectrometer for radiocarbon dating

Then the detailed work has to be done with specialists carrying out analyses and cataloguing of finds, samples are selected for radiocarbon dating, detailed drawings are produced and it is all brought together with interpretation and discussion into a final report. In June 2018 Welsh Government commissioned GAT to start this process, which is now complete . This has produced a large and detailed report including all the specialist work and interpretation of the site, which is available HERE.

Images from the study of flints and pottery

A downloadable summary report is available HERE. There has been an exhibition in Holyhead and there will be one in Llangefni , so everyone can see what has been found. See the EVENTS page for details. Work is now being done to convert the detailed report into a printed publication.