Parc Cybi, Holyhead
The Excavations

Between November 2006 and the end of June 2008 Gwynedd Archaeological Trust carried out archaeological excavations on Parc Cybi. Another phase of excavation was carried out in September 2009 to February 2010. The excavations were funded by Welsh Government.

The engineering consultancy, Atkins, in association with local construction company, Jones Brothers, managed the first phase of construction works, involving the building of roads and other infrastructure on the site.

Over 20 hectares were carefully stripped of topsoil to reveal an archaeological landscape, which was then excavated and recorded.

The excavation was carried out throughout the year, through snow and hot sun, by a team of professional archaeologists. At its height the excavation employed a team of 40 archaeologists working on site full-time - then one of largest excavations in the UK.


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