Prehistoric Fields and Landscape Management (G2077)

Summary report April 2010 – March 2011

North West Wales has many areas of well-preserved ancient or historic landscape, principally in the uplands and its fringes. Within this landscape many settlement and funerary features survive, which have been extensively studied, recorded and protected. However, there are also extensive and more tenuous early field systems, which are not all recorded and which are difficult to protect. The present project was designed to look at some such field systems, to consider their survival and archaeological value and to assess the threats from modern land use and how such threats can be managed.

Three areas of early fields were investigated in 2009-10 and a preliminary management report (GAT Report no. 892) and an archaeology report (GAT Report no. 933) were produced. A final report for publication was proposed for production in 2010 but this is still pending production of a palaeo-environmental report, mainly pollen analysis of buried soils and of peat.

Section across wall at Muriau Gwyddelod


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