Community Engagement

Gwynedd Archaeological Trust is an educational charity: at the centre of everything we do is the desire to engage with and promote the archaeology of north-west Wales to the widest possible audience. If you want to get involved and find out more, contact us.

The work that we do with local communities and schools is co-ordinated by our dedicated outreach and education archaeologist, Sian Evans / Bethan Jones.

Excavations and open days

Only a small number of archaeological excavations take place in north-west Wales each year. Excavation is destructive and expensive! Destructive because most evidence is destroyed as it is uncovered from the ground: expensive because digging and analysing data is a meticulous, time-consuming process. Although analysis and interpretation of a site -‘post-excavation' - can go on for months after it has been excavated, the period of time when it is exposed to view is usually short. These rare opportunities to learn more about archaeology in action are a vital part of the work of the Trust. We work hard to try and ensure that whenever possible, as many people as possible get a chance to see excavations first-hand.

Please see our News page for up-to-date information on current or planned excavations. We welcome visitors and questions! For larger excavations we organise open days, with experts on hand to provide guided tours. Open days provide an opportunity for people to chat informally with archaeologists about their work and learn more about new discoveries.

We are also increasingly involving local schools in our work, offering opportunities to visit and learn more about excavation and archaeological sites wherever possible. In recent years we have run a programme of schools events and open days at Abergwyngregyn, Tai Cochion and Porth Dinllaen.

Interpretation work

In addition to our excavations, we promote enjoyment of and access to archaeological sitesand historic landscapes through interpretation work, including displays, leaflets and guided walks. We give talks and lectures to a variety of audiences, including regular events such as our Friends Lecture series and Archaeology Day School. 

Community heritage and volunteering

We are happy to advise and support community heritage groups, from guidance on grants and funding applications, to information about best practice and standards. We also offer opportunities to volunteer directly for the Trust on a variety of projects, including excavation, survey work, finds processing and record management. To get involved and find out more, please contact Sian Evans / Bethan Jones - Tel: 01248 366970 Email:



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