What Information is Available in the Historic Environment Record (HER)?

The Historic Environment Record (HER) contains information on all aspects of human activity in the landscape from early prehistory to the twentieth century. Information is held in a variety of formats available for consultation including:

• Digital data contained within the main HER database and its associated resources

• Map-based information derived from paper Ordnance Survey maps and the HER Geographical Information System (GIS)

• Paper records to supplement digital data

• Slides and photographs (film and digital; both aerial and ground)

• About 1100 archaeological and heritage reports within the GAT area

• Associated digital data held by other organisations in Wales

The information in the HER is taken from a variety of sources and is being updated on a daily basis. If you think you have new information, either about an existing record, or a new site or find we might not know about, please get in touch .

In 2002, English Heritage and the Association of Local Government Archaeological Officers (ALGAO) agreed a series of tough benchmarks to set standards for Historic Environment Records in the UK . Over the last few years, along with the three other WATs, we have been working hard to meet the first stage benchmark. In 2010 all four trusts were assessed through a formal, independent validation process, and judged to have met this important first stage benchmark standard. Please see for more information on HER benchmarking.



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