How Can I Access the Historic Environment Record (HER)?

The Historic Environment Record can be accessed online via Archwilio. This provides detailed data for each record we hold.

The website is not intended for use in a commercial context or for a commercial project. For commercial enquiries, or for further information on records viewed through Archwilio, please contact the HER directly, either by telephone, letter, email or fax. We are able to supply supporting non-digital resources where relevant, and ensure that commercial users are accessing the most up-to-date information.

For more detailed information please fill in an Enquiry Form. The Welsh Archaeological Trusts have produced an Access and Charging Policy, which provides more information about the data available from the HER and any conditions or restrictions that may apply to its use. Please complete a new form for separate enquiries.

Many of the paper-based records, hundreds of original archaeological reports and thousands of slides and photographs held in the HER office in Bangor, are currently available only by visiting the HER in person. To ensure that a HER archaeologist is able to help, please make an appointment with them either by email or telephone.

There are occasionally types of information or context where there may be restricted access, such as where:

• access is denied due to the requirements of the Data Protection Act;

• there is reasonable cause to believe that the release of information would have an adverse effect on the archaeological resource.




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