Gwynedd Archaeological Trust was formed in 1974 as an educational charity with a remit to enhance the education of the public in archaeology. It is also a Public Limited Company.

Governance of the Trust is through a Board of Trustees who appoints a Management Committee.

Excavating Brithdir Roman Fortlet 1974

The Trust seeks to improve the understanding, conservation and promotion of the historic environment within north-west Wales. In pursuit of these objectives the Trust:

• Seeks to inform and educate the wider public through the publication of its work, through lectures, meetings, field excursions and through the interpretation of archaeological sites in the landscape;

• Maintains the regional Historic Environment Record and makes this available to all;

• Offers advice on the archaeological implications of development proposals to the planning departments of unitary authorities and private developers;

• Offers advice on the management and conservation of Gwynedd's cultural and historic environment to landowners, managers and others; and

• Undertakes programmes of work to record, interpret, conserve, illustrate and promote the cultural heritage of Gwynedd


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Gwynedd Archaeological Trust is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015

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