Volunteer Excavation Opportunities with Gwynedd Archaeological Trust

July 2016
Hedd yr Ynys, Llangefni

Have you ever wanted to dig like they do on Time Team? Do you want to find out more about archaeology in your area? What is hidden under the ground just down the road?

In July Gwynedd Archaeological Trust is running an archaeological excavation on the edge of Llangefni, Anglesey. The dig is part of the Festival of Archaeology, a two-week celebration of everything archaeological coordinated by the Council for British Archaeology.

The dig will run on weekdays from 4th to 21st July with an Open Day for the public on Sunday 17th July.

A geophysical survey carried out in 2012 revealed intriguing “anomalies” in the field that we are going to investigate. These may indicate the presence of an early medieval cemetery found somewhere in the area in the early 19th century or they could be the remains of early buildings. Our aim is to find out what is really there and what date it is.


We are currently recruiting volunteers to join the excavation. A minimum commitment of 3 days is preferred. Volunteers with little or no experience are invited to join us for the first two weeks and more experienced volunteers being recruited to help us complete the dig in the final week. Minimum age for volunteers is 16 years.



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