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The Arfordir project needs people to volunteer to participate in the care of the coastal heritage of their area, to learn about the archaeology, how to identify new sites and record the changes happening to them.

The coast is a constantly changing environment, and it is the people who are there most often who know it best and will be most able to see changes.

Volunteers will be given training, support and advice and will work alongside professional archaeologists. They will be provided with the skills and tools they need to take an active role in identifying and recording archaeological sites.

We are looking for people who live near the coast or are regular visitors who want to help us find out more about the coastal heritage of Wales. All you need are a couple of hours to spare now and again, and to be able to make repeat visits to record changes to a site's condition.

You will be provided with training, information packs, and some equipment to borrow, as well as the support and advice of professionals. All the information generated by the project will help us to add to our knowledge of the big picture; what is our coastal heritage, and how is it changing?

The project is being organised by the Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, with funding from Cadw.

Dyfed Archaeological Trust and Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trust are running parallel projects on the south-west and south-east coasts of Wales.

If you want to get involved, or if you belong to a group or society that wants to be part of the project, then contact us (, we're always happy to have a chat!


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