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Arfordir Cadw Funded Projects 2012-13 | Prosiectau a ariannwyd gan Cadw 2012-13
Arfordir Cadw Funded Projects 2011-12 | Prosiectau a ariannwyd gan Cadw 2011-12
Arfordir Cadw Funded Projects 2010-11 | Prosiectau a ariannwyd gan Cadw 2010-11

The constantly changing nature of the coastline has major implications for the historic environment and coastal heritage. The project addresses this dynamic nature by monitoring the condition and impact of erosion on coastal archaeology.

The people best placed to identify and record these changes are residents and regular visitors who know the area well.

The project recruits local volunteers and brings them together to record and monitor the coastal heritage of their area. We as professional archaeologists act as mentors, providing training and advice.

Following an introduction and training on how to identify and record sites, volunteers will be provided with recording forms and equipment to continue under their own steam – with professional advice always available.

The information collected will be incorporated into the regional Historic Environment Record, where it will be permanently stored. The project will address highlighted issues in a flexible way, if the threat to a site means that a detailed survey or excavation is necessary; further work may be undertaken with the aid of volunteers.

All the information gathered will add to our knowledge of the coast of Gwynedd and Anglesey, this along with the results from Dyfed and Glamorgan-Gwent will help us build the big picture of the coastal heritage of Wales.

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