Gwynedd Archaeological Trust celebrates 40 years

The Trust is delighted to announce that on 13 May 2014 it was 40 years since its formation.

The development of the Welsh Archaeological Trusts was a far-sighted initiative instigated by the Ancient Monuments Inspectorate of the Department of the Environment (later to become Cadw), and in particular its Inspectors David Morgan Evans (below left) and Richard Avent (below right).


Though initially established to regularise the organisation of rescue archaeology in Wales, the Trusts have since grown and adapted to changing political and economic circumstances, and they now provide a full heritage management and archaeological service throughout Wales.

Gwynedd was the first of the four Welsh Archaeological Trusts to be legally constituted, however Clwyd Powys, Dyfed and Glamorgan Gwent Archaeological Trusts followed in quick succession during 1975. The four Trusts will be arranging a series of celebratory events over the next year, and we will highlight some of the key developments of the Trust and its work on the web site in forthcoming months.


The first Director of Gwynedd Archaeological Trust was Richard White, shown (sitting left) during an exhibition at the Trust offices on Deiniol Road. Opposite is Sian White, who also played a significant role in many of the Trusts early projects. On the right at the back is Richard Kelly (see also the photo below), who was appointed Deputy Director at the formation of the Trust, and who played a key role in its direction and in many of its major projects until his secondment to CCW in 1993.


Richard White seen against the backdrop of Ynys Seiriol travelling from the island during a programme of work undertaken there.


One of the earlier projects undertaken by the Trust was the excavation at the Roman fort at Brithdir. The image shows excavation of the tannery pit at the fort. More images will be added to these pages over forthcoming months. If anyone has any images from these early days of work at the Trust which they would like to share please do get in touch.

Many thanks to all those who have made Gwynedd Archaeological Trust such a successful organisation over the last 40 years. We owe a huge debt of gratitude both to all previous staff and to the continued support received from Cadw. We are very grateful for the support of all our other clients, both public and private who we have worked with over the years. We now look forward to the next 40 years with the knowledge that our predecessors have given us a firm base on which we can continue to build.

Andrew Davidson
Chief Archaeologist, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust



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